Modernity is if you take something from the past and switch it to a new language.

Alessandro Michele Creative Director for Gucci

Elegance is like manners. You can’t be polite only on Wednesday or Thursday. If you are elegant, you should be every day of the week. If you are not, then it’s another matter.

Aldo Gucci Late Chairman for Gucci

Scents evoke very, very powerful memories, whether it’s the scent of someone that you know or a meal that your mother made.

Blake Lively Film Actress

The only real elegance is in the mind. If you have got that the rest really comes from it.

Diana Vreeland Columnist

The most beautiful thing that you can wear is confidence.

Blake Lively Film Actress

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For me, being confident is something that stems from fragility and yet exudes strength. Lately I’ve come to realize that confidence isn’t necessarily having to be “tough” all the time. Being confident and having grace also means being vulnerable and embracing the feminine side of me as well. I don’t typically like to wear scents because most of them are too strong for me. (I much prefer the lighter scent of having roses in the room.) But Gucci Bamboo’s fragrance is soft enough to be subtle and yet strong enough to make a lasting impression.

Scents wear differently on everyone, but for me, I love the mixture of notes in this particular fragrance. There are the sultry base notes like sandalwood and vanilla, and the exotic top notes like lily and orange blossom, and ylang-ylang. Through the day the scent changes on me from a mild floral scent to a woody and sensual scent. This actually allows me to wear this scent into the night since the scent becomes more complex later in the day! I love products that have multi-layers to them because I’m all about versatility.

There’s a sort of maturity and sophistication that Gucci Bamboo evokes, it’s perfect for the modern women. The Gucci woman is multifaceted and represents the woman I think we should all aspire to be!


“Confidence is what you wear that expresses how you feel, be your own kind of beautiful.”

This is the very first fragrance editorial I’ve done for one of my most admirable brands. We’ve been working on this concept for a while and I have been extremely eager, anxious, joyous and nervous to share with you guys. I’ve always aimed to produce quality and creative visuals for both – my clients (at my full-time job as an Art Director in the design industry), as well as this blog and who would have known that I get to work with these amazing brands by starting my own journey in Tsangtastic? Been very blessed to start a career of my own, do what I LOVE to do and be able to stay as a creative in art directing and styling outfits for all of you!

With much said, here it is, presenting to you all my latest collaboration for the Gucci Bamboo fragrance. I was the creative director, stylist and model, and Jerry was the magician behind the lens, capturing the spirit behind the idea.

Bamboo, the perfume that unleashes a scent with base notes of sandalwood, combined with heart notes of casabianca lily, orange blossom, and gentle ylang-ylang, creating a representation of a Gucci woman who’s strong, confident, savvy and feminine all in one. As I breathe in the scent for the first time, sweetness tingled, waited about 3 seconds, and I wanted to smell it again, it was a gorgeous craving. Then slowly came the floral, felt like I was surrounded by something so beautiful – this was how I came up with these visual ideas. Not only does the scent reveals the idea, but also the art-deco bottle. The unique diamond style glass expresses the various characteristics of a woman, and contrasted with a curvy bamboo cap to enhance her femininity.


As I age, I long for elegance over beauty, the strengths to protect rather than the privilege of being cared for. Most of all, I long for the ability to adapt and to endure all the challenges which a modern day woman has to face in juggling between work and family (and in my case, blogging too).

Gucci has epitomised the essence of bamboo and created the fragrance that is both soft and intense, feminine and strong. Composed of Sandalwood and Amber, it exudes confidence and warmth, followed by the gradual emergence of the floral notes of Casablanca lily and orange blossoms.

It's a fragrance that has it all, for the woman who will have it all.